Die Selbsthilfewerkstatt

Under pandemic conditions, we want to try running the DIY bike workshop again. Here you will find rules and instruction


  • Masks are required in the self-help workshop

  • To come inside the workshop, you need proof of vaccination or recovery, or an official, daily negative corona test. All employees are fully vaccinated or tested.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you a space even with a reservation. This means that there may still be waiting times. If you are late, your place may be given away.

  • We provide the tools and the space. You are responsible for the success and the result of your repair. An employee will be happy to answer your questions and help you with tricky tasks or in the event that special tools have to be used.

  • Sturdy, closed footwear is mandatory.

  • You can bring all the parts you need with you, purchase them from us or, with a bit of luck, find them cheaper in the used parts boxes.

  • After your booked session is over, you must take your bike with you again - whether it is roadworthy or not. Unfortunately we don't have any storage space.

  • We cannot offer hydraulic brakes bleeding in the DIY workshop

Time management:

Think carefully beforehand what you would like to repair on your bike. Here you will find a small estimate of the time required for various repairs. You can only rent a workshop space for one hour, two hours or three and a half hours. For several repairs from the 'one hour' category, you should accordingly allow more time.


One hour:

Fixing a flat tyre / changing the innertube/ changing a tyre

Replace chain / cassette

Replace brakes / cables / brake housing

Repair light

Truing the wheels

Adjust derailleur

I've already done a lot of work on my bike myself and I think I know what I'm doing


Two hours:

Replace bottom bracket

Cleaning an re-greasing the wheel hubs

Building a wheel

Replacing the headset (bearings in the steerer tube)

Maintain / repair / adjust hub gears

I am not very experienced in repairing bicycles and I think I need a lot of help


Three hours:

I bought my bike very cheaply used. Now I want to make it safe and roadworthy.

All old or exotic wheels with multiple creaking, clicking and wobbling problems.